New England - Massachusetts, con't

CODE : MASS34 Item Price: US$ 8.00

The Churn, Marblehead Neck, Marblehead, MA. Undivided back postcard, publ. 1905by The Metropolitan News Co. Never used. 

 CODE : MASS35 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Marshes at Lynn, MA. Undivided back. Publ. by MV Co. Posted 1906. Some wear on corners. 

CODE : MASS38 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Sharon; South Main Street, Quaker Inn. Divided back, publ. by The Metropolitan News Co. Posted 1907. Stamp removed. 

CODE : MASS39 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Hyannis Port Civic Association Pier. Linen card publ. by The New Bordford News Co. Never used. 

CODE : MASS40 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Revere, MA. Wonderland. This amusement park operated from 1906-1911. Publ. by The Hugh C. Leighton Co. Manufacturers. Posted 1907. 

CODE : MASS41 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Revere, Wonderland Park. trixie and Third Dragon. Divided back. Publ. by Robbins Bros. Posted 1907. 

CODE : MASS42 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Boston's Fenway Park. 1960s chrome card. Publ. locally this card was never used. 

CODE : MASS43 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Main Street, Nantucket. Island off Mass. Divided back, publ. by Henry S Wyer. Unused. 

CODE : MASS44 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Waltham Watch Factory, Waltham. Divided back, publ. by Robbins Bros. Posted 1908. 

CODE : MASS46 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Everett. Hancock Street Church of Christ. Real Photo Postcard with a divided back. Posted 1911. 

CODE : MASS50 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Mountain Road, Deerfield. Publ. by Hugh C. Leighton, divided back. Posted 1909.

 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Brookside camp, Littleton, MA. Publ. by The Metropolitan News and Publ. Co. Posted 1908.

CODE : MASS52 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Tremont Street, Boston, looking south. Publ. by The Detroit Publ. Co. ca1906. Posted 1909.

CODE : MASS55 Item Price: US$ 8.00

New Bedford, MA Steamboat wharves, with the 'SS Maine' in the foreground. Undivided back, publ. by The Rotograph Co., NY. Never posted.

CODE : MASS56 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Dartmouth and Westport Railway, divided back. Publ. HS Hutchinson, New Bedford. Posted 1908.

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