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US - southwest

The Anerican Southwest includes AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO, TX, NM and WY. The final frontier for settlers to the New World, at times drew seekers of gold, land and dreams.
CODE : USSW01 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Albuquerque, New Mexico. A Sovenir linen folder of 18 views. It was never sent. Fine condition. 


 CODE : USSW08 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Pike's Peak, Cog Rail, Shady Springs CO. Publ. by ANC Litho. Undivided back. Posted 1906. 


 CODE : USSW12 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Boulder Dam. Real Photo Postcard featuring the Figures of the Republic. Publ. by Frashers Fotos. Divided back, never used, but mounted. ca1960. 

  CODE : USSW14 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Moenkopi Wash, Tuba City, AZ. Real Photo Postcard publ. ca1955. Never sued. 
CODE : USSW15 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Virginia City, NV. Courthouse. Real Photo Postcard, divided back; never used. 

CODE : USSW16 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Genoa, NV. Oldest town in Nevada. Real Photo Postcard ca1950. Never used. 



 CODE : USSW21 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Las Vegas, Fremont Street. Linen postcard of the Strip in the 1940s. Divided back, publ. by Curt Teich. Used but not posted. 

  CODE : USSW23 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Devil's Tower National Monument, WY. Real Photo postcard by Rise Photos, ca1950s. never sent. $8.00.
 CODE : USSW24 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Greenville- Quincy Highway. Real Photo Postcard by the Eastman Studio. Posted 1950s. Cancel incomplete. 
 CODE : USSW25 Item Price: US$ 8.00
Phoenix Arizona. Central Avenue on a linen postcard ca1950s. Divided back, publ. by Curt Teich and distrib. by Lollesgard Specialty Co. Never used. 


CODE : USSW29 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Panning for gold, Denver. Divided back publ by HH Tammen Co. Posted 1919. 

CODE : USSW30 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Great Organ and Church, Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, UT. Divided back publ. by Edward H Mitchell. Divided back. Posted 1909. 

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