Transportation - Ships

Prior to 1908 most travel was by ship, from Europe to North America. The great Lakes were traversed by steamers too.
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SS Alberta, a Great Lakes steamer loading passengers at Riverside Park. Private Postcard was published by Stedman Bros. Ltd. with a divided back. Posted 1913. 

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 Japanese steamer 'Naurei Maru' in service between Japan and China, 1937. Handwritten note on back, naming ship. Not posted. 

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The Oregon Mail. A trans-Pacific passenger service between posts, one of 5. This chrome card was posted in 1970 from offshore near the Ryuku Islands, Japan. 
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Steamship 'South Shore'. Early 1900s, but I could find no information on the vessel. Flies the US flag. Divided back. Not used. 

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SS Assiniboia a Great Lakes Steamship built in 1908 and operated by CPR. In the 1950s she was one of the last still carrying passengers around the Great Lakes. Publ. by PE Co. Divided back. Posted 1953. 
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Pacific Mail's Steamship 'Manchuria' ran the HongKong-Hawaii-San Francisco run from 1904-10. This card  with an undivided back was sent 1907. 

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Real Photo Postcard of the 'Undercliff', a yacht. Divided back. Posted ca1910, cancel unclear. 

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Princess Kathleen', operated by CPRs BC Coast Steamships was built in 1924. She sank in 1952. Real Photo Postcard publ. by The Gowan Sutton Co., Vancouver. Divided back. Never posted. 
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The Canada' Canada's first warship on a Private Post Card, ca1906.Divided back, never used. Soiled. 
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The Pennsylvanian' of the Panama-Pacific Line, off Havana. Divided back. Posted 1932. $12.00.
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"Empress of India" at the CPR Docks, Vancouver, BC. Card posted 1910. 
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The 'Adriatic' and Hands across the sea. Publ. by the Art Publishing Co., Glasgow. Divided back. Posted from Halifax by returning soldier, ca 1919. 

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Cunard White Star Line's "Alaunia", Postcard publ. in England, with a white-border and divided back. Used but not posted. message erased. Soiled. .

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 "SS Evangeline".  Commissioned by the Eastern Steamship Lines for the Yarmouth to Boston service, she was built in 1927. The postcard was publ. by the Novelty Mfg. & Art Co. Ltd. with a divided back. Never used. Lower corners rough from album use. 

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SS Chippewa, Canada Steamship LInes.Built in 1893 for Lake Ontario-Niagara River trade, she was scrapped in 1939. Card is on heavy textured stock. Publ. by Ry. News Co. Toronto and the Novelty Mfg. & Art Co. Ltd. Never used; divided back. 

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TSS 'Prince David' promoting The National Tours ca1930s. Divided back. Never used. Some fading, foxing and soil. Light creases. 

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SS Wren, in Canso Harbour, NS. Appears to be in ice. Real Photo Postcard dates 1907-08. Never posted. 

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SS Yarmouth. When brought to Nova Scotia in May of 1887 the YARMOUTH was immediately put on the Boston-Yarmouth run under the command of Captain Harvey Doane. She was built to haul fresh produce, fish and blueberries. This Real Photo Post Card dates at 1907-14.

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MS 'Kungsholm", operated by the Swedish American Line, Gothenburg direct to New York. Divided back; never used. ca.1928. There were 3 ships bearing the Kungsholm name, this is the second. 


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Hamburg Harbour, 1921. Real Photo Postcard. Divided back. Never used. 
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'SS Governor Dingley. On of the Eastern Steamships Line vessels, sailing from Boston to ME and NS. Publ. by GW Morris, ME. Divided back. Posted 1909. 
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The 'Monitor' and 'Merrimack' two gunboats of the US Navy active during te Civil War.. Card was publ. by AC Bosselman with a divided back. Never used. 
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The steamer 'South Shore', a sidewheel passenger steamer. She was built in 1906 at Quincy, MA for the Nantasket Beach Steamboat Co. Serving along the shore from Boston, she was later sold to NY. Divided back. Never used. Worn edges. 

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Steamship Prince George sailing out of Yarmouth, bound for Boston. Litho. publ. by Yarmouth Portrait Co. Divided back. Never used. ca1908. 

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SS Argentina, cruise ships between south America and eastern North America. Divided back. Posted 1961. Yellow streaks in scan only. Stamp removed. 

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Southern RLY. PS 'SouthSea'. Real photo postcard published by Stephen Cribb. Divided back, never used. 

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Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Ltd. TSS 'Metagama'. Divided back. Posted 1910. 

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The US Naval Ship 'Marine Lynx', a real photo postcard. Posted 1953. Stamp removed. 

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Torpedo Fleet, San Diego. Divided back. Publ. by Edward H. Mitchell. Posted 1911. 

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Steamer Moosehead, Bar Harbour, ME. Divided back. Publ. by Curt Teich, pre-1920, when she was renamed the USS Porpoise. Never used. 

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