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CODE : APG01- Item Price: US$ 10.00

General Motors 50,000,000 car. 1954. Chrome card, never used. 
  CODE : APG02- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Signed card by Katherine Maynadier Browne, for "Walk-Over Shoes". Divided back, posted 1910. Light creasing across image. 
CODE : APG03- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Jordan Marsh Co., Boston. Pioneer Postcard, advertising Boston store. Undivided back. Not posted until 1907. Stamp removed. 
 CODE : APG04- Item Price: US$ 10.00

Ford Consul Cortina De Luxe 2 door. Released as one of 3 in its own line in 1962, it was manufactured by Ford of Britain. Promo card was never used. 
CODE : APG05- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Plymouth, England overlooking the Plymouth Hoe. Home of Coates & Co., makers of Original Plymouth Gin, since 1793. Die-cut edge. Divided back, real photo, ca1960s. Never used. 
 CODE : APG06- Item Price: US$ 10.00

Glyco-cherry Compound, manufactured by Standard Chemical. Business reply card mailed 1919. 
 CODE : APG07- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Jamaica Oranges. Business Reply card from JW Grant $ Co. Posted 1908 from Yarmouth NS to Cape Sable, NS. 
CODE : APG08- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Troost Tobacco postcard, publ. by J & AC van Rossem. Divided back, never used. $8.00. 
 CODE : APG09- Item Price: US$ 8.00

T. Eaton's Christmas Card. The now-defunct catalog company offered cards in their Christmas catalog mail-out. ca1960s. $8.00.
 CODE : APG10- Item Price: US$ 7.00

A. Kuster Dry Goods, New York. Calling card, not a postcard. Victorian scrap. Beautiful half-tones. Measures 3.5 X 2.5 inches. $7.00.

CODE : APG11- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Pease & Edwards Dry and Fancy Goods. Calling card, measuring 2 X 4in. Beautiful rich colours. Victorian. 

CODE : APG12- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Sale notice from Frear's Bazaar. Edwardian. Measures 2.5 X 4inches 

CODE : APG13- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Business card for AH Barbour, Dry and Fancy Goods, Collinsville CT. 2 X 3 inches. 

CODE : APG15- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Glen Open Coller Co. Cardstock piece measures about 4 X 5in. .

CODE : APG16- Item Price: US$ 10.00

White Sewing Machines. Largecard-stock image, 4 x 6.5in. Lovely crisp chromo, rich colors. 

CODE : APG17- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Consolidated Milling Co. Premium card measures 3.25 x 4.5inches. Publ. by Niagara Litho. Co. Some creases. .

CODE : APG18- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Reynold Brothers Fine Shoes. Litho. is Flower of the Wildwoods. Ad card on light card, measures 3 X 4inches. Text intact on reverse. 

CODE : APG19- Item Price: US$ 10.00

Gail Borden Brand Condensed Milk. c1887 by The NY Condensed Milk Co. 3.5 x 5.5inches. Ad on back. 

CODE : APG20- Item Price: US$ 8.00

Coughran's Dry Goods, New York. Double-sided card measuring 2.25 x 4.0inches. 

CODE : APG21- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Soapine Laundry Soap, December. Small card removed from album. Measures 3 x 4inches. 

CODE : APG22- Item Price: US$ 10.00

A Happy New Year wish from Fenton Label Co. Rack card sent as postcard 1910. 

CODE : APG23- Item Price: US$ 7.00

The Pottery Shack, Laguna Beach, CA. Chrome card publ.by Geo. Watson and c1906. Surely an error, 1956 cars in foreground. Never used. 

CODE : APG24- Item Price: US$ 7.00

This little maid buys her underwear at Mabley & Company's Bazaar. Victorian trade card, 3 x 4in. Plain back. Not a postcard. 

CODE : APG25- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Hop Pill Mfg. Victorian trade card in sepia avertising medicine. Back has product listing. 

CODE : APG26- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Victorian scrap, trade card for Spicers & Beckham Stove Founders, Providence RI. Details on back. Measures 4 x 5in. 

CODE : APG27- Item Price: US$ 10.00

Nutmeg. Advert card for Davis, Sacker & Perkins Importers of Spices. Not a postcard, rack card. 

CODE : APG28- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Mocha Java coffee ad card. Victoria-era advert card, 3.5 x 5.5in. Embossed half-tones. Once glued to album page. Advert is barely visible au verso. 

CODE : APG96- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Victorian trade card. Not a postcard. Advert on reverse. Measures 2.5 x 5in.

CODE : APG30- Item Price: US$ 7.00

Sisson the Shoe Man, Penn Yan, New York. Victorian trade card, 3 x 4in. Beautiful half-tones. Plain back, not a postcard. 

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