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Hallowe'en cards

HPHP01. Ellen Clapsaddle signed card for International Art Mfg. Co. Divided back; posted 1917. Creased across the top. $15.00.

HPHP02. Gibson Art Co., Cinncinnati. Halloween card embossed and with a divided back. Posted 1911. $12.00.

 HPHP03. Hallowe'en cabbage-heads, illsutrated by Ellen H. Clapsaddle. Publ. by International Art Publ. Series 978. Divided back, posted Oct. 31, 1910. $25.00.

HPHP04. Happy-sad Jack'o lantern card. Embossed. Divided back, posted 1912. $12.00.

HPHP05. Something Doing. Undivided back. Posted 1908. $10.00.

HPHP06. All Hallowe'en Greetings publ. by Gottschalk, Dreyfuss and Davis, New York.Serie 2171 Beautiful half-tone card, embossed and trimmed in gilt. Divided back. Used. Never posted. $15.00.

HPH07. Raphael Tuck & Sons Serie 160 Halloween. Divided back. Embossed half-tones. Posted 1908. $15.00.

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