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 CODE : HP01 Item Price: US$ 8.00

 Ellen Clapsaddle-signed St. PAtrick's Day card. Embossed and half-tone, publ. by International Art Publ. Co. Divided back. Posted 1908. 

CODE : HP02 Item Price: US$ 10.00

To Wish You a Christmas Fragrant with Joys. Embossed typo. published by Birn Brod., London, series X 244. Divided back. Used but not posted. 
CODE : HP03 Item Price: US$ 12.00

St. Patrick's Day Wishes. Embossed typo. card publ. by Sampson Bros. Divided back. Posted 1913. Slogan cancel for Calgary Industrial Exhibition, 1913. 
CODE : HP04 Item Price: US$ 7.00

A glitter-trimmed St. Patrick's Day greeting publ. by Metropolitan Art. Posted 1925. Soiled. no
 CODE : HP05 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Depart from Evil. Seek Peace and Pursue it. Holiday greetings card publ. with the approval of the Prebyterian, Catholic and Jewish congregations of Cleveland. Divided back, undated and unused. 

 CODE : HP06 Item Price: US$ 8.00

St. Patrick's Day greetings. Black and white print publ. by Gartner and Bender Publs., Chicago. Posted 1920. Some ink on face. 


 CODE : HP07 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Hallowe'en greeting publ. prob. by Stecher Litho. Embossed. Divided back. Never used. 

  CODE : HP08 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Decoration Day, embossed and gilded half-tone card publ. by E. Nash. Holiday is celebrated the last Monday of May and is now known as Memorial Day, honoring those who died in service. Posted 1915. 

   CODE : HP09 Item Price: US$ 8.00

To Greet You on St. Patrick's Day. Artist-signed by Ellen Clapsaddle. Publ. by International Art Publ. Small tear by signature. Posted 1914. Slogan cancel from Saint John, NB Fair. Reduced to 
  CODE : HP10 Item Price: US$ 8.00

A Happy Easter postcard. Publ. by unknown printer with divided back. Posted 1915. no
CODE : HP11 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Easter Greetings. German card, divided back, posted 1907. 
CODE : HP12 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Easter Greetings. Embossed typo. publ. by AMP Co. Divided back, posted 1912. Ink on face. no
CODE : HP13 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Easter Greetings. European embossed chromolitho. No. 873. Used but not posted. 
CODE : HP14 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Happy Easter, an embossed chromolitho. publ. by G. (Sam Gabriel). Posted 1910.
 CODE : HP15 Item Price: US$ 12.00

Lovely embossed chromolitho. postcard published by E. Nash. Posted 1913. 
CODE : HP16 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Easter Greetings, featuring Peter Cottontail. Single sided card publ. by RustCraft, Boston. 1940s. Addressed on back. Measures 3.5 X 4.5in. Peter Rabbit has a fuzzy cotton tail. 
CODE : HP17 Item Price: US$ 12.00

Happy Eastertide. Stecher Litho. Series 1589 D. Divided back used but not posted. 
CODE : HP18 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Easter Greetings. C.1911 by HM Rose. Divided back. Posted in Louisbourg, 1914. 
CODE : HP19 Item Price: US$ 10.00

A Merry Christmas embossed print, publ. by IPC& N, 1906. Divided back. Never used. Some edge wear. 
CODE : HP20 Item Price: US$ 12.00

At Christmastide. Saturated color and an embossed texture. Card published by Stecher Litho. Co. Divided back, posted 1916. Gore, NS split-ring cancel and duplex. 
CODE : HP21 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Irish-american St. Patrick's Day. Undividided back; gilt and embossed. Posted. 

CODE : HP22 Item Price: US$ 12.00

Easter Greetings in gilt. Embossed postcard by F. Lounsbury, 1906. Undivided back. Posted 1908. 

CODE : HP23 Item Price: US$ 10.00

To My Valentine. Publ. by Raphael Tuck & Sons under the Dainty Dimples Serie No. 3. Embossed litho. Divided back. Posted 1910. 
CODE : HP24 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Easter Day, greeting card, 3.75 X 5inches. Single face. Given 1931.Decorative. no
CODE : HP25 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Easter greetings, an embossed chromolitho. on textured paper. Publ. in Germany. Posted 1908. 

CODE : HP26 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Ellen Clapsaddle-signed St. Patrick's Day Greeting postcard. Embossed. Publ. by The International Art Publ. Co. Divided back. Posted 1910. 

CODE : HP27 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Wearing of the green, lovely embosed typo card publ. by Raphael Tuck & Sons under Serie 157, The Emerald Isle. Divided back. Posted 1909.

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