Valentine Postcards

Romantic greetings in celebration of love and betrothal and honouring St. Valentine, revolve around February 14. page migrated
CODE : GVAL01 Item Price: US$ 10.00

An embossed chromolitho., this card is gilded with silver. Divided back. It was posted ca1910. Cancel incomplete. 
  CODE : GVAL02 Item Price: US$ 10.00

To my Best Love. C.1909 by S.Garre, NY. Embossed chromolitho. trimmed with gilt. Divided back; used but not posted. 
CODE : GVAL03 Item Price: US$ 12.00

 Floral Missives - Series 11. Publ. by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Embossed chromolitho. Gilt heart. Uns. Frances Brundage. Divided back. Posted1911. 
 CODE : GVAL04 Item Price: US$ 12.00

A Valentine Greeting. An arts and crafts style Valentine publ. by Whitney Made, Worcester, MA. Lightly embossed and chromo. Used but not posted nor dated. ca1910. 
 CODE : GVAL05 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Valentine, c.1906, by Fred C. Lounsbury. Publ. with and undivided back. Embossed. Posted 1907. 


CODE : GVAL06 Item Price: US$ 10.00

Valentine card, publ. by Stecher Litho. Co., New York. Divided back, serie 76F. Used but not mailed. 
CODE : GVAL07 Item Price: US$7.00

Valentine, verse by Helen Jeffers. Publ. by Stecher Litho. Co. Divided back, embossed chromolitho on pebbled cardstock. Used but not posted. Crease down centre and taped. 
CODE : GVAL08 Item Price: US$12.00

For My Sweetheart. Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. Series 23, Blue Belles. Divided back. Used, but not posted.
 CODE : GVAL09 Item Price: US$10.00

To My Valentine, an embossed and gilt-trimmed chromolitho. publ. by E. Nash Co. Divided back, posted 1914.
 CODE : GVAL10 Item Price: US$10.00

An embossed silver valentine greeting printed with a Winsch back. Posted 1909. 
 CODE : GVAL11 Item Price: US$8.00

To My Valentine, printed in USA by an unknown publisher. Used but not posted. Red-border around entire card. 
 CODE : GVAL12 Item Price: US$10.00

To My Valentine, an embossed typo. publ. by Birn Bros, London, V.29. Divided back, used but not posted. $10.00.
 CODE : GVAL13 Item Price: US$8.00

Valentine Greetings, an embossed typo. trimmed in gold. Divided back, posted 1909. Caribou Gold Mines, split-ring cancel. Worn corners. 
 CODE : GVAL14 Item Price: US$10.00

Signed E. Curtis, this Valentine was publ. by Raphael Tuck & sons Ltd. Publ. Co. 'Love's Labour Lost' Series 3. Divided back,  Posted 1911.Some edge and corner wear. 
 CODE : GVAL15 Item Price: US$8.00

Valentine greeting card, measuring 3.5 X 4.6in. Canadian-made. Addressed. Art Deco, 1930s. 
 CODE : GVAL16 Item Price: US$8.00

Have a little pity...chromolitho. postcard Divided back, never used. 
 CODE : GVAL17 Item Price: US$10.00

Helen E Jeffers greeting on a chromolitho. postcard publ. by Stecher Litho. Co., Series 93. Divided back, embossed. Used but not posted. 
CODE : GVAL18 Item Price: US$10.00

Raphael Tuck & Sons Comic Cupids Series 15. Embossed chromolitho. Divided back. Posted 1912. 
CODE : GVAL19 Item Price: US$10.00

Publ. by RAphael Tuck & Sons under the Blue Belles Series 23. Divided back, used but never posted. 
CODE : GVAL20 Item Price: US$8.00

Unsign Ellen Clapsaddle, publ. by The International Art Publ. Co. Divided back, embossed typo and chromolitho. Posted 1910. Small piece of tabe lower edge. 
CODE : GVAL21 Item Price: US$8.00

A Whiney-Made postcard publ. ca1020-30s. Divided back, used but not posted or stamp was removed. Some soil on back. 
 CODE : GVAL22 Item Price: US$10.00

A valentine message. Embossed chromolitho. trimemd with gilt. Posted 1911. 
  CODE : GVAL23 Item Price: US$10.00

o my Valentine, tulip faces. Divided back. Embossed chromolitho. trimmed with gilt. Posted 1911. 
 CODE : GVAL24 Item Price: US$10.00

A Leatherette Valentine, Series 114. Publ. by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Undivided back, ca1902. Posted 1909. 
 CODE : GVAL25 Item Price: US$12.00

Victorian litho. published in Germany. Undivided back, not posted until 1911. 
 CODE : GVAL26 Item Price: US$10.00

Valentine's Day postcard. Embossed typo trimmed in silver. Publ. 1911 by Birn Bros. Used but not posted. 
   CODE : GVAL27 Item Price: US$8.00

Valentine Joys, from the Series 245, The Same Old Story, Raphael Tuck & Sons. Divided back, posted 1918. 
  CODE : GVAL28 Item Price: US$8.00

To My Valentine. Embossed greetings postcard c. John Winsch, 1911. Posted 1912. 
CODE : GVAL29 Item Price: US$8.00

Arts and crafts style Valentine. Publ. in USA. Divided back. Used ca1935. 
 CODE : GVAL30 Item Price: US$8.00

An embossed chromolitho. card publ. in Germany with a divided back. Posted 1907 in Canada. 

CODE : GVAL31 Item Price: US$8.00

Half-tones and embossing, this card with a divided back publ. by R. B. Co. Posted 1909.

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