Advertising Postcards
Products and services promoted via post cards


 AP01. Standard Chemical Co. calling card, 1919. Some soil, posted same year. $12.00.
 AP02. Darling Funeral Home, Blackshear, Georgia. Divided back; chrome. ca 1964. Never posted. Some foxing on back. $7.00.
 AP03. Trrost Tobacco, Holland. Divided back. Unsigned facsimile. Never used. $10.00.
AP04. The Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit MI. 1920-1937. Promoting the facility. Divided back. Never used. $10.00.
AP05. A Canada Postcard posted to Cape Sable, NS promoting JW Grant & Co. of Yarmouth. 1908. Light crease across top. $12.00.
AP06 The Denver Hilton. Postcard posted in 1962. $7.00.
AP07. Las Vegas Stardust, chrome, divided back.ca1970. Publ. by HS Crocker. Never used. $8.00.
AP08. Pop Musical Ice Revue, 1958. St. Paul, MN. Linen card, divided back never sent. $10.00.
AP09. Albany Hotel Glasgow, one of a chain in the UK. Chrome card ca1960s. Never used. $8.00.
AP10. Carica Tour of San Francisco. Caricature map of the Bay area. Chrome card ca1960s. Never used. $8.00.
AP11. The Little Church of the West, wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Real Photo Postcard ca1950s. Never ued, but glued down and remnants on back. $10.00.
AP12. Wallace Bridge Motel and Restaurant, NS. ca1950s. Divided back, scallped edge. Name on back, not mailed. Real photo publ by Canadian Postcard Co. Ltd. $10.00.

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